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Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 is a lively rear-wheel drive raging bull, equipped with an exceptionally powerful V10 engine and an equally brutal aesthetic.


Gloss black exterior with black-leather interior


5.2L (5204cc), 90-deg V10 engine

Fuel-stratified-injection delivery

6-spd RWD E-Gear tranmission w/ single clutch

12.5:1 compression-ratio

405kW @ 8,000rpm (550CV/542hp)

540Nm @ 6,500rpm

106CV/litre - Specific Power Output

104Nm/litre - Specific Torque Output

1,380kg (dry weight)

1,430kg (kerb weight)

2.60kg/CV - weight/power ratio

43/57% weight distribution (f/r)

Pirelli PZERO F 235/35 ZR19 8.5" 88Y

Pirelli PZERO R 295/30 ZR19 11" 105Y

4,345mm (length)

1,900mm (width, excluding mirrors)

1,165mm (height)

2,560mm (wheelbase)

1,632mm (front track)

1,597mm (rear track)

Limited-Slip Differential - locking 25% under power, 45% on overrun

Shell V-Power

Performance & Efficiency

0 to 100kph: 3.9 seconds

Top Speed: 320kph (199mph)

Quoted fuel consumption: 13l/100km

Actual fuel consumption: 15-25/100km

Emissions: 315g CO2/km


September 12, 2015


Art, The Stable

About This Project

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 is defined by its use of classic sports car technology – rear wheel drive and an exceptionally powerful engine.

This is extremely unusual for a Lamborghini and extremely good news for drivers who want added excitement when they get behind the wheel.

In order to shape this unique character that combines driving fun and safety, the engineers at Sant’Agata Bolognese have incorporated extensive modifications into the LP550-2.

It was not simply a questions of moving the transmission to the rear axle, the vehicle had to be adjusted and tuned in every element of its driving dynamics.  This includes springs, dampers, stabilisers and even tyres.  The aerodynamics were also adjusted to take account of the change to the power flow.

The Gallardo LP 550-2 adopts a specific 2WD developed ESP system.  This provides a rear with good stability and a front axle that’s precise while entering the turn – enhancing the sportiness and driving pleasure.