5 Best Driving Roads in Sydney

Best Drives In Sydney

The iconic city of Sydney is not just home to magnificent harbours and exquisite dining, but it also has some of the best driving roads in the country. It’s a haven for motoring enthusiasts seeking thrilling experiences on the road. Here we explore five of the best driving roads in Sydney that offer a blend of mesmerising scenery, smooth tarmac, and curvy stretches, promising an unforgettable driving escapade.

1. Royal National Park Drive

The drive through the Royal National Park is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating driving roads in Sydney. Located just a short drive from Sydney’s CBD, this route promises a diverse landscape, ranging from dense rainforests to rugged cliffs, offering a refreshing escape from urban life. This drive is particularly notable for its seamless roads and sweeping bends, allowing drivers to experience the true performance of their vehicles. The scenic sea views and abundant greenery create a serene backdrop, making it a must-visit destination for driving aficionados.

2. Grand Pacific Drive

The Grand Pacific Drive is another picturesque driving road that winds along the coastline, offering captivating views of the Pacific Ocean. The journey begins at the Royal National Park and extends south, presenting drivers with a medley of terrains and a series of bends, allowing for an engaging driving experience. The iconic Sea Cliff Bridge is a highlight on this route, allowing drivers to feel the ocean breeze and soak in panoramic sea vistas. Small coastal towns dotted along the drive provide ample opportunities for breaks and refreshments, enhancing the overall experience.

3. Bells Line of Road

For those who would enjoy a lovely combination of mountainous terrains and lush orchards, the Bells Line of Road is the go-to destination. It traverses through the UNESCO-listed Blue Mountains, offering captivating views of several valleys. The road is well-maintained and features various turns and elevations, offering a thrilling ride. Drivers can explore local gardens, indulge in apple-picking activities, and visit quaint cafes along the way, adding a leisurely touch to the adrenaline-filled journey.

4. Old Pacific Highway

The Old Pacific Highway presents a classic driving experience, linking Sydney and Gosford. The well-paved roads, interspersed with long straights and twisty segments, make it a preferred choice for motor enthusiasts. As drivers cruise along the Hawkesbury River, they are greeted with splendid water views and dense bushland, adding a touch of tranquillity to the drive. The road features several lookout points where drivers can pause to admire the sprawling landscapes and perhaps capture a few snapshots of the enduring beauty of Sydney’s outskirts.

5. Putty Road

Connecting Windsor and Singleton, Putty Road is a true gem for those seeking an amazing blend of adventure and scenery. It traverses through dense forests and picturesque vineyards, offering varying landscapes to keep drivers engaged. The road is characterised by numerous bends and curves, providing an ample dose of excitement. With minimal traffic and noise, it’s a perfect escape for drivers craving solitude and a raw connection with nature. The road also offers a plethora of pit stops, where drivers can relish local wines and gourmet food, adding a luxurious flair to the trip.


Sydney is a treasure trove for driving enthusiasts, with roads that offer everything from exhilarating turns to serene landscapes. The Royal National Park Drive and Grand Pacific Drive are coastal treasures delivering breathtaking ocean views and smooth drives. The Bells Line of Road, meandering through the Blue Mountains, caters to those seeking mountainous terrains and horticultural delights. Old Pacific Highway offers a diverse driving experience with its varied landscapes and river views, and finally, the tranquil and adventurous Putty Road is a haven for solitude seekers.

These roads not only cater to the driving community looking to experience their vehicles’ true potential but also to individuals desiring scenic beauty and tranquillity away from the bustling city life. Sydney’s best driving roads promise an unforgettable journey, enveloped in nature’s embrace, leaving drivers yearning for more. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these roads will surely be a day of fun you won’t forget in a hurry!