Ferrari F8 Tributo

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At A Glance

  • Engine: 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8
  • Horsepower: 720 hp
  • Acceleration (0 to 100 km/h): 2.9 seconds
  • Top Speed: Exceeds 340 km/h
  • Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive
  • Fuel Efficiency (Combined): Approximately 12-13 litres/100 km
  • Weight: Approximately 1,435 kg (depending on configuration)


The Lane Vineyard Adelaide Hills South Australia

About The Ferrari F8 Tributo

The Ferrari F8 Tributo represents the pinnacle of Italian automotive excellence, blending breathtaking design, blistering performance, and cutting-edge technology. As a tribute to Ferrari’s legendary V8 engine heritage, the F8 Tributo is an extraordinary supercar that sets new benchmarks in terms of speed, agility, and driving dynamics. With its aerodynamic prowess, powerful engine, and meticulous craftsmanship, the F8 Tributo stands as a testament to Ferrari’s relentless pursuit of automotive perfection.

The design of the Ferrari F8 Tributo exudes an unmistakable aura of power and aggression. Every curve and contour has been meticulously sculpted to optimise aerodynamic efficiency and create a visually stunning masterpiece. The iconic Ferrari styling cues, such as the shark-nose front end, sculpted sides, and quad taillights, pay homage to the brand’s rich heritage while embodying a sense of modernity.

Aerodynamics play a crucial role in the F8 Tributo’s performance. Innovations derived from Ferrari’s extensive racing experience, such as the S-Duct on the front and the blown spoiler at the rear, generate downforce and ensure exceptional stability at high speeds. The result is not only a visually striking supercar but also one that cuts through the air with precision and purpose.

Beneath the rear glass engine cover lies the heart of the Ferrari F8 Tributo: a 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This power plant unleashes an astonishing 720 horsepower, propelling the F8 Tributo to 100 km/h in a mere 2.9 seconds. The symphony of the V8 engine note as it roars to life is a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to creating a sensory driving experience.

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A Ferocious Masterpiece Of Performance And Design

The F8 Tributo’s acceleration is relentless, continuing all the way to a top speed that exceeds 340 km/h. Ferrari’s advanced aerodynamics and electronic systems, such as the Side Slip Control (SSC) and the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE), ensure precise handling and unrivalled cornering capabilities. The F8 Tributo is a true track-inspired performer that also excels on open roads, providing an exhilarating and engaging driving experience.

Inside the cabin of the F8 Tributo, meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials create an environment that combines luxury and racing-inspired functionality. The driver-oriented cockpit is designed to provide optimal ergonomics, putting all controls and information at the driver’s fingertips. Advanced features, such as a multifunctional steering wheel, a digital instrument cluster, and a touchscreen infotainment system, enhance the driving experience and provide seamless connectivity.

Cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into the F8 Tributo. The infotainment system offers a host of features, including navigation, multimedia, and smartphone integration. Additionally, the F8 Tributo incorporates advanced driver-assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control and parking sensors, to enhance safety and convenience.

Every Ferrari F8 Tributo is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously assembled by skilled artisans in Maranello, Italy. From the precision stitching on the leather upholstery to the flawless paint finishes, the F8 Tributo exemplifies the dedication to perfection that has become synonymous with the Ferrari brand. Customisation options allow owners to personalise their F8 Tributo to their exacting preferences, ensuring a truly unique and bespoke ownership experience.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is an extraordinary manifestation of automotive passion, performance, and design. With its stunning aesthetics, blistering acceleration, and advanced technology, it represents the pinnacle of Ferrari’s engineering prowess. The F8 Tributo is not just a supercar; it’s an emotion-invoking masterpiece that tantalizes the senses and elevates the driving experience to unprecedented levels. For those fortunate enough to experience its exhilarating performance, the F8 Tributo is the embodiment of automotive perfection.