Luxury Driving Gift Experiences


Celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, or arrange a luxury driving gift just to say thank you!  

Personalised Gift Certificate - Pranicng Horse Luxury Driving Experiences

Personalised Gift Certificates

  Create personalised gift certificates for any of our luxury driving experiences across the country.

Valid Indefinitely

Life happens and plans change.  Sometimes, organising special experiences can be tricky which is why our gift certificates never expire and are valid indefinitely.  We’re always designing new luxury driving experiences and you can always transfer the value of your certificate towards any of our events across the country.  We’re here when you’re ready!

Quick Delivery

We believe in prompt service and will ensure that you receive the gift certificate within 24 hours.  Even less if you need it within the hour.  Our certificates are great for those last-minute gift ideas, delivered discretely to your inbox!


Who needs a Hallmark card when our gift certificates can be custom tailored?   Tell us what you would like to say, and we will create a beautifully presented, personalised gift certificate for you.  

Deposit only and 'pay later'

This is a strong point of difference for us.  We only require a non-refundable however completely transferable deposit of $500, with ‘pay-later’ options for maximum convenience.  You will never need to pay the complete amount upfront and you’re welcome to finalise any remaining balance up to a week before your actual experience.  We even provide our bank details if you prefer to pay by instalments. 

Completely Flexibility

Not sure which event but know this is the best present ever?  We can create a personalised, open-dated gift certificate which can be used towards any future event with us.  Enjoy planning the luxury driving experience with your partner and have something to look forward to sharing together!  You can always change your reservation or transfer between different events at any time, without any extra charges or cancellation fees. 

Luxury that's shared.


Share the drive with the one you love.  We’ll ensure you enjoy the most incredible experience; a luxury driving gift you can look forward to, enjoy together and reminisce for years!


Yes, absolutely.  You can nominate a specific value or select an experience or destination for someone special.  You’re even welcome to leave it completely open for the recipient to decide which experience interests them.  At the end of the day, all options offer complete flexibility and can be transferred between any of our luxury experiences across the country.

Gift certificates are emailed as a high-resolution PDF which print beautifully.  This ensures that you don’t have to wait for the post!

We only require a non-refundable deposit payment of $500 and never ask for the full amount in advance.   The recipient will never know and you’re welcome to finalise any remaining balance up to a week before the actual event.  This just provides more flexibility!

Indefinitely.  We always honour gift certificates so there’s never an expiration date for our customers.  We’re constantly designing and introducing new luxury experiences annually and will always honour the initial value of the certificate towards any future event.

Yes, you’re welcome to nominate any specific value.  The minimum amount is normally $500, which is equivalent to the deposit required for most of our luxury driving experiences across Australia.

Yes, absolutely.  Part of the fun is deciding which destination and experience most interests you and your partner, so take your time!  We can create a gift certificate that is completely ‘open’ so that you can confirm your preference when convenient.

Prancing Horse have and always will provide you with the greatest flexibility to re-schedule or transfer your reservation at any time, without need for a reason and without any cancellation fees/charges. This has been our policy for the past 14 years, since starting in 2007.  

Similarly, in the event of a postponement or cancellation due to COVID restrictions or otherwise, we will provide you with the complete freedom to transfer to a future event with us.  This is the reason why we do not request full payments in advance; only a non-refundable deposit that is transferrable at any time and valid indefinitely. 😉