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Ever imagined what it feels like to zoom down open roads in a sleek, world-class supercar? Or envisioned yourself soaking up the luxe ambiance as a passenger while your partner takes the wheel?

With a Prancing Horse supercar experience, these thrilling daydreams become reality.

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Supercar Ride Along

Prancing Horse, Australia’s foremost provider of luxury drive experiences, allows you to not just ride in, but also drive a range of elite supercars across some of the country’s most scenic routes. Their supercar ride along packages present a unique, adrenaline-fueled adventure, all with a dash of luxury and sophistication.

Many of us fantasise about the thrill of driving an exotic supercar. The roar of the engine, the smoothness of the leather-wrapped steering wheel, the precise control of the finely-tuned gearbox – it’s an intoxicating mix.

However, it’s often thought of as a privilege reserved for a lucky few. Prancing Horse breaks down this barrier with their supercar ride along experience. You can get behind the wheel of a supercar yourself or bask in the exhilaration as a passenger while your partner controls the vehicle’s might.

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Supercar Driving Experiences In Australia

Prancing Horse’s impressive fleet features a host of iconic brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche, each with their unique charm and power. Whether you want the raw performance of a Ferrari or the artistic elegance of a Lamborghini, your supercar ride along experience can be customised to your preferences.

What sets Prancing Horse’s supercar ride along experience apart is the holistic adventure it offers. It’s not just about the drive; it’s about understanding the spirit and the rich heritage behind these marvellous machines.

You get the opportunity to delve into the world of supercars, learning about their intricate design, superior technology, and fascinating history. Accompanied by expert guides, you’re provided with insights that help you appreciate the supercar experience fully.

Drive Your Dream Supercars

Another thrilling aspect of a Prancing Horse supercar ride along is the locations. The company handpicks some of the most picturesque drives across Australia, from the panoramic beauty of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria to the vineyard-lined vistas of Hunter Valley in New South Wales. These routes are not just chosen for their natural beauty but also for their smooth, sweeping roads that are ideal for the superior handling and speed of these supercars.

Prancing Horse ensures that the supercar ride along experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Every detail our your experience is meticulously planned.

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The Ultimate Supercar Driving Experience With Prancing Horse

A Prancing Horse supercar experience is a journey into the heart of automotive luxury.

It’s about appreciating the artistry, the power, and the freedom that comes with driving a supercar.

So, whether you’re a lifelong car enthusiast or just curious about what it feels like to drive a supercar, make your dreams come true with a Prancing Horse supercar experience.

It’s not just about driving – it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxury Supercar Driving Experiences from Mount Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills South Australia

The Finest Supercar Drive Experiences In Australia

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For automotive enthusiasts and thrill-seekers in Australia, Prancing Horse’s supercar driving experience is the epitome of automotive excitement.

Whether you’re a supercar fan or simply seeking an exhilarating adventure, their driving experiences offer the opportunity to unleash the power and precision of these iconic vehicles.