4 Best Driving Holiday Locations In Australia

Australia, with its vast landscapes and diverse scenery, offers numerous appealing driving holidays. This article highlights four popular driving destinations, each showcasing the unique beauty and culture of Australia.

1. Tasmania

Nestled within the rugged landscapes and lush valleys of Tasmania is the vibrant city of Launceston. It serves as a gateway to some of the most pristine and untouched terrains in Australia, making it a haven for driving enthusiasts. Launceston is characterised by its enchanting Cataract Gorge, historic architecture, and a flourishing food and wine scene.

For those seeking a blend of exhilaration and luxury, Prancing Horse offers exclusive driving experiences across the Great Western Tiers and the mountains of Northern Tasmania – starting from Peppers Silo in Launceston. These experiences provide an opportunity to explore the Tasmanian landscape in multiple high-performance vehicles, giving driving enthusiasts a chance to revel in the freedom and raw beauty of the island state.

2. Byron Bay & Tweed Valley

Byron Bay and the adjacent Tweed Valley are celebrated for their eclectic blend of lush hinterlands, stunning beaches, and remarkable roads, making them impeccable destinations for a driving holiday. Byron Bay, with its iconic lighthouse and a laid-back vibe, offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, while the Tweed Valley unfolds a scenic tapestry of ancient rainforests and meandering rivers.

The drives around Byron Bay and Tweed Valley take you through a diverse array of landscapes, allowing for moments of serene reflection and thrilling adventure. The roads here are a beautiful mix between winding lanes and expansive stretches, creating a driving experience that you’ll never forget.

3. Kiama, Southern Highlands and Kangaroo Valley (NSW)

The journey from the tranquil seaside town of Kiama to Kangaroo Valley via the Southern Highlands is one of the most picturesque coastal drives in Australia. The route has several awe-inspiring beaches, mountain roads (the famous Macquarie Pass), quaint towns, and cliff-top views – providing a holistic experience of New South Wales’ beautiful shorelines.

Prancing Horse runs luxury driving experiences from Kiama, enabling enthusiasts to explore all the beauty between both destinations in style. Make the most of every twist and curve along the roads in one of several gorgeous sports cars – hand selected by the team at Prancing Horse.

4. The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is a well-known driving route, showcasing cliffs, beaches, and forests. It passes various landmarks, including the Twelve Apostles and the Otway Ranges. This road offers a blend of natural beauty and historical significance, however there can be plenty of traffic!


Australia offers a variety of driving holiday options. Launceston combines natural beauty with luxury drives offered by Prancing Horse. Byron Bay and Tweed Valley provide diverse landscapes for a picturesque journey. The drive from Kiama presents the coastal beauty of New South Wales, and Tasmania is a best choice for road trip enthusiasts.

Each of these destinations captures a unique aspect of Australia’s spirit and beauty, offering memorable experiences for those eager to explore.